Sample Advocacy Letters

Sample FOIA Request Letter



Pursuant to the Michigan Freedom of Information Act, please provide me with the following information, in whatever form and wherever stored:

1. Policies describing or discussing the (name of school) District's provision of educational services in settings other than the regular or special education classroom or building.

2. Complete descriptions of services provided within the last three school years in alternative educational settings, including but not limited to, private schools, community locations and private homes.

3. Policies describing or discussing (Name of School) District criteria and implementation of providing special education services to students in alternative (non-classroom) settings.

4. Any other written or recorded information discussing or implementing non-classroom educational services of any type within the last three school years, including number of students served and identifying the service venue, without identifying individual students.

Pursuant to the fee waiver provisions of FOIA, I request that the fee for fulfilling this request be waived because the material requested is of interest to the general public; and the information will be used for the benefit of the public. If fees are not waived please advise me of any anticipated costs exceeding $50.00 so that payment arrangements can be made pending appeal of the waiver denial.

Very truly yours,

Sample Letter Provided by Family Resource Network, Inc.