Sample Advocacy Letters

Sample Letter Requesting Extended School Year



(Name of Special Education Director)
(Name of School District)
(Address of School)

Dear (Name of Special Education Director):

As I promised, I have enclosed some material, which will be helpful to you in explaining to __________ IEP Team why it is critical that ________ receive summer services at the district's expense.

As we discussed, it is likely that the district will focus on the regression/recoupment standard based upon their belief that this is the only standard utilized in determining whether extended school year services are justifiable. However, as you will read in the attachment, regression is not the only factor that can be relied upon in the ESY decision. Courts have identified six factors that may be relied upon to make this determination.

While regression/recoupment is an important consideration, the Team must also consider:

- degree of progress towards IEP goals and objectives;
- emerging skills or breakthrough opportunities that will be lost over the long summer months;
- any behavior that would interfere with your child's ability to benefit from special education.
- the nature and severity of the disability; and
- the child's ability to benefit from special education.

Because _______'s needs are extensive, based upon his diagnosis of autism, it is critical that he receive consistent instruction 12 months a year without interruption. _______'s future independence is wholly based upon his ability to effectively communicate. His speech and language deficits unquestionably necessitate summer instruction, so that he not only maintains the skills that he has acquired during the school year, but continues to progress in an effort to catch up to his typical peers.

Sample Letter Provided by Family Resource Network, Inc.