Sample Advocacy Letters

Sample Letter Requesting Organizational Evaluation

Dear (Name of Special Education Director):

My child, (child's name) (date of birth) attends (school name). I am concerned that he lacks self-management skills as a result of his disability. I believe the lack of these skills is having a devastating effect on his academic performance. Here are some of the symptoms he exhibits that support my concern.

- He has poor time-management skills;
- He does not know how to take classroom notes;
- He does not know how to organize his notebooks;
- He has test anxiety and "shuts down" due to fear of failure.

Because (child's name) has great difficulty paying attention he is not able to focus on new information long enough to make it a part of his working memory. He has problems handing in homework on time and getting to class on time. Because of his organizational difficulties he has trouble remembering what he has read and difficulty writing a satisfactory report.

I read that self-management skills are considered to be part of the brain's "executive functioning" and that the frontal lobe of the brain is the "command center" for goal-directed behavior. I understand that executive functioning is a complex process that enables the student to see a task through from beginning to end by coordinating multiple processes, starting and stopping mental operations, and maintaining motivation and persistence.

Please evaluate (child's name) under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act [IDEA] and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act to see how his disability is related to the above problems, to see what goals and objectives are recommended to address those problems in light of his disability, and to see what, if any, related services are necessary.

Please consider this letter my consent to evaluate (child's name) for special education needs and services. Obviously (child's name), the school district and I will feel much better once we understand what is going on with him. I would appreciate it if you would schedule the evaluations as quickly as possible. Please call me at home to arrange times and places. I will need my copies of all written evaluations at least three school days before the IEP Team meeting. I will advise you of my IEP Team meeting availability dates by separate letter.

Thank you for giving (child's name) evaluations your immediate attention. I will work with you to address and achieve his educational goals.


(Your name)
(Your address)
(Your telephone number)

Sample Letter Provided by Family Resource Network, Inc.