Sample Advocacy Letters

Sample Letter Requesting Sensory Integration



We are the parents of (child's name) and believe that he might have unidentified disabilities. We suspect that (child's name) may suffer from a neural disorder that causes the nervous system to receive incoming information, via the senses, in an inefficient manner. The following difficulties support our concern: (child's name) is oversensitive to touch; unusual level of activity; impulsive; lacking in self-control; inability to unwind or calm himself; delay in academic achievement; behavioral challenges and poor self-concept.

"In the classroom a student is easily distracted by all the extraneous sounds, lights, and the confusion of many people doing different things. His brain is over stimulated and it responds with a lot of excessive activity. If he is standing in line and someone accidentally bumps into him, he may become angry or strike back. The anger and hitting have nothing to do with interpersonal relationships; they are automatic reactions to sensations the child cannot tolerate." Sears, Carol J., "The Tactilely Defensive Child," in Academic Therapy, May 1991

We request a complete educational evaluation and an evaluation to detect if a sensory integrative disorder exists and if related services are necessary. Please schedule these evaluations in compliance with the Individuals with Disabilities Educations Act [IDEA] and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act. Please consider this letter my consent to evaluate (child's name) for special education needs and services. Obviously (child's name), the school district and we will feel much better once we have an understanding of what is going on with (child's name), so we would appreciate it if you would schedule the evaluations as quickly as possible. Please call me at home to arrange times and places. I will need my copies of all evaluations at least three school days before the IEPC meeting, and will advise you of my IEPC availability dates by separate letter.

Thank you for giving this letter your immediate attention. I will work with you to address and achieve (child's name) educational goals.


Sample Letter Provided by Family Resource Network, Inc.