The Legacy Resource Fund is used to assist the families of children with disabilities access specialized services or items not covered by other programs or insurance. One hundred percent of the funds raised are used locally. Some examples of the ways this fund have been utilized are:

  • Registration fees for conferences attended on the child's disability;
  • To cover travel, lodging, and meals when a child is hospitalized at an out of the area hospital;
  • Specialized therapies and diets;
  • Summer camp for children with disabilities;
  • Funds to purchase books on a child's disability;
  • Specialized clothing.

History of the Legacy (formerly the Anemarie Wenck) Resource Fund

Two Hartwick College graduates, Noah Keller and Brian Armbrecht, traveled by bicycle across the United States during the Summer of 1997 to promote awareness and raise money for individuals with disabilities served by The Family Resource Network, Inc. The project known as C.H.I.L.D. Ride (Cycling to Help Individuals Living with Disabilities) was coordinated by Kathleen Wenck. The money raised was used to establish the C.H.I.L.D. Ride Fund.
On January 18, 2006 the Board of Directors of the Family Resource Network, Inc. voted to revise the name of the Fund to the Anemarie Wenck Resource Fund in honor of founding mother Kathleen Wenck's daughter Anemarie.
In 2013, the Board of Directors of the Family Resource Network, Inc. again decided to revise the name, now the Legacy Resource Fund.

Legacy Resource Fund - Donations to this fund may be made by clicking on the Donate button below or by sending a check to the Family Resource Network, Inc., 46 Oneida St., Oneonta. Place LRF on the memo line.

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